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I look at buildings, plug numbers and regurgitate a value for clients who round to the nearest million.


First let me give a shout out to anselpixel for the above photo!

A close friend had this to say about the photo:

"there is a photo that anselpixel has of you a side shot that I think you should put on your blog to let everyone see you... just a thought but the photo is incredible of you and you look absolutely awesome in it if you dont mind me saying it captures the essence of you in a way that I can't describe...."

I grew up just east of Atlanta in a community known as the City of Decatur. From there, I never pushed the boundaries until I moved to Cobb County a few years back. Now I know why I never pushed the boundaries.

I am fortunate enough to have a dog, Shadow, that let's me sleep indoors and share a piece of pizza every now and then.

Through my current job I have had the previledge to see what I consider "Real America". Small towns, off the beaten path where "The Mill" or "The Factory" is where everyone works. There are no Starbucks, no big shopping mall, no real traffic. Only a Wal-Mart and McDonalds provide the link to the world I would know.

My family recently became smaller and we're learning how to fill in a few gaps and deal with emotions we would have to deal with until decades down the road.

Blogging and photography are fairly new to me and I seem out of place, disconnected from other bloggers because I have no real IT background and don't have tech jargon down...yet! But I do have people skills!


I enjoy meeting people, taking pictures and traveling. If I'm not doing one of those things, I can be found staring at a box with moving pictures and words on it.